AEPi was founded in 1913 at New York University, and colonized at UBC in 1999.

Alpha Epsilon Pi's goal is to prepare collegiate men for their future as community leaders by developing character and a proper set of values. Alpha Epsilon Pi is based upon Jewish principles, but the fraternity is non-discriminatory and open to all who are willing to espouse its purpose and values. 

Over 93,000 men have joined Alpha Epsilon Pi since 1913, and over 2,500 new brothers are initiated annually.

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What we do.

AEPi has an exciting social calendar. Some of our key events are Semiformal, Formal, and two themed parties that vary from year to year. Our photo albums are on our Facebook page and we encourage you to take a look to see what we're all about. Our albums.

AEPi actively participates in UBC Rec sporting events, as well as fraternity and sorority philanthropy events.

Brothers have the opportunity to travel throughout the year to attend various conventions and social events that take place in Canada and the United States. Past destinations include New York, Arizona, California, Las Vegas, Oregon, Washington D.C., Florida, Montreal, and Toronto.

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What is Rush?

Rush is a series of recruitment events that take place at the beginning of each academic year. Some chapters, including AEPi also host a spring rush. These events allow potential new members to meet the brotherhood, learn more about the greek system, and determine which fraternity is right for them.

Joining AEPi allows a young man to live his university experience to the fullest extent. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a strong brotherhood that is academically, socially, philanthropically and professionally-minded.

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AEPi UBC is extremely proud to fundraise for the Heart and Stroke Foundation with our annual Hoops 4 Health basketball tournament. In 2018 we raised over $7600 to help support those doing vital and lifesaving research every day.

This issue is very close to the fraternity, as beloved Brother Nitai Weinberg suffered a stroke in his first year of university. Nitai has recovered since, making it his goal to increase awareness of strokes and working tirelessly to make Hoops 4 Health a reality.

Check out our website for the event:

2018 Recap Video

Executive Board

Benny Stanislawski

Adam Dobrer

Mitchell Rennie
Vice President

Ryan Braude
Pledge Master

Rambo Farahani

Zack Moss

Josh Lerner


James Gilbert

Michael Solomon

Jackson Doyle

Joel Guincher

Jordan Rubin

Aziz Salmi

Ofir Gady

Ofir Talmor

Ophir Grief

Jonah Morris

Tomer Torgeman

Levi Chapman

Barak Jacob

Eitan Nifco

Jeremy Festinger

Noahm Rozen

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Remey Kier

Logan Presch

Derek Schwartz

Conrad Presch

Joshua Green

Lenny Tabakman

Almog Mizrahi

Ari Rotenberg

Asher Chapman

Yosi Kohen Kutucu

Nitai Weinberg

Tito Misali

Dan Estrin

Noah Woogman

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Tom Miller

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Jacob Lauzon

Zachary Goldthorpe